Is Oily Skin Necessary for Moisturizing Every Day?
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Is Oily Skin Necessary for Moisturizing Every Day?

Moisturizing oily skin is not necessarily a misconception. The lack of moisture will stimulate more oily skin thereby causing acne. Learn these 5 reasons to understand why oily skin needs to be moisturized every day!

Why oily skin needs moisturizing?

# 1 Moisturizers can control oil on skin

Is Oily Skin Necessary for Moisturizing Every Day?
Moisturizing milk or gel will be more suitable for oily skin

Choose the right moisturizer that helps your skin maintain its balance, helps limit the skin’s oil secretion. For oily skin, prioritize milk or gel moisturizers with a much lighter substance than   creams, which will keep the skin free of the secret so it can limit the amount of oil secreted.

# 2 Avoid skin aging

Is Oily Skin Necessary for Moisturizing Every Day?
Moisturize regularly to prevent aging

Fine lines and crow’s feet are  signs of skin aging . The aging process of oily skin will be slower than other skin types but it is not without the sequelae left on the face. Providing regular moisturizing to help your skin full of vitality and prevent aging. fast.

# 3 Soothes the skin, making it itchy

Is Oily Skin Necessary for Moisturizing Every Day?
helps keep the skin from itching when oil is removed

Maybe the women did not notice, usually oily products , regulating sebum will try to suck your oil away as much as possible, quickly return a clean face to you. This can lead to problems with dry, itchy and rough skin.

So, using a moisturizer will balance the lubricant on your face, your skin now doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.

# 4 Create a protective layer for the skin

For oily skin that has acne, when using acne treatment products such as retinoids, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide (substances that dry the skin) without using a cream, the skin is prone to redness, itching and even is being stripped. At this time, the moisturizer layer will act as a shield to protect the skin from the above components.

# 5 As a helper after a hot bath

Is Oily Skin Necessary for Moisturizing Every Day?
Applying moisturizer after bathing helps skin reduce oil production

Hot water can remove excess oil from the skin, cleansing the skin in minutes. But, then more oily will secrete as much to quickly replenish moisture to the skin. So, after a hot bath, applying a light layer of moisturizer will prevent the skin from producing additional oil because of the added moisture in time.

Tips to choose moisturizer for oily skin quickly-neatly

  • Prefer products with natural plant extracts that contain less oil.
  • Do not use moisturizers that contain scents or perfumes, preservatives, etc. because they are irritating to the skin, prone to itching and acne.
  • Do not use moisturizers that contain alcohol because alcohol will lose the moisture balance of the skin.
  • Moisturizing oily by natural methods such as argan oil, egg mask, … is also very effective and popular.

Note when using moisturizer for oily skin

Is Oily Skin Necessary for Moisturizing Every Day?
moisturizer after washing your face
  • You should use moisturizer right after bathing or washing your face. The cream will be absorbed best when the skin is in a moist state.
  • Spread the cream very well, especially on the forehead near the hairline and the ears. Habit we often spread out from between the two sides, leaving a layer retention causing blocked poresand acne formation.
  • Massage with moisturizer to help skin “radiant” more.
  • Do not use too much moisturizer, just take a little more than corn kernels and dot 5 points on the face skin: forehead, chin, nose, cheeks and then gently apply to the skin.

With 5 reasons above is enough for her to think and reconsider moisturizing for oily skin already, right? You can consult the skin care experts or dermatologists about using moisturizers for the skin. Wish you have a firm, soft and healthy skin.