How to Moisturize Beard Skin?
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How to Moisturize Beard Skin?

Beard skin is comparatively more sensitive and delicate as compared to the surface of other parts of our body. It is one of the primary reasons why it needs more care in cleaning and other tasks of looking after the facial skin. There is a broad range of products present for men to look after for their beard hair or facial hair. They come in many forms, such as creams, gels, and moisturizers. Selecting which one suits your skin, the best is quite a challenging task for men. It is advisable to take some suggestions from your kiths who have used these products before and who know the cleaning, drying, and hydrating procedures well.

How to Moisturize Beard Skin?

Steps to deeply cleanse and hydrate your beard skin and facial hair

There are some vital steps that any men can follow, but these are a bit time-consuming. So, if you care for your beard skin and facial hair, then you must spare a few minutes of your day separately for completing this procedure. Try not to skip a single step in-between for faster and better results.

Washing or cleaning

This step is also known as cleansing or cleaning. Washing your beard face with a delicate hair-friendly face wash in the morning can help you get rid of all the tangles that your beard hair got during the night. It will make further process easier. It is totally up to you to clean it with a foaming face wash or with an anti-foaming one. Foaming face wash usually dries out the beard hair.

How to Moisturize Beard Skin?


The next step is to gently but thoroughly scrub your face by being cautious about your beard hair. That area should not be massaged with much friction. Otherwise, it might damage your beard hair and form tangles in them. Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells and opens ups the clogged pores for the next step.


After opening the clogged pores, now you have to fill them with nourishment enriched ingredients like a clay mask or mud mask. Certain masks are made specifically made for men, by keeping their facial hair in mind. You can also try some sheet masks because they are less messy than the powdery masks and are have better results as compared to the previous ones.


After completing the whole cleaning process, now you have to thoroughly dry-up the wet or damp beard hair, to avoid frizz. You can either use a blow dryer or let them air dry. If you skip the drying your hair of the beard, it might cause lice in your beard, which is the worst situation anyone can imagine. However, it is advised not to blow dry your beard hair at regular intervals, as heat might damage your hair. So, let it air-dry most of the time.

How to Moisturize Beard Skin?


After the hairs of the beard are entirely dried out, and now it is time for the hydration process. Using a gentle chemical-free moisturizer is always recommended by skin experts. It keeps your skin nourished for an extended period. This step needs to be done at least twice a day after the cleaning is done.


Applying sunscreen is the foremost step towards the whole moisturizing process. It prevents our skin of the entire body from the toxic ultraviolet radiation coming directly from the Sun. Let it penetrate your skin and wait for a few minutes before going outside in the Sunlight.


Now, your beard hair must be combed with a widely gapped teeth comb. It will easily detangle your facial hair, without much friction. Cheap plastic combs should be avoided, as they have rough edges that might break into your beard hair and stuck inside them while combing. Thus, combs made from metal or wood must be chosen instead.


After combing, brushing is used for styling your hair in the desired manner. It enhances the shape of your jawline and gives it a framed look. Brushes made with the bristles or boar’s hairs are more preferred among men.

Several products for moisturizing your beard skin


These come with the thickest content in them and are super greasy. They stay for a more extended period, but they are not appropriate for a person with oily skin texture. Still, the best moisturizer for beard is from the L’Oreal Paris Men. They do not penetrate deeply into your skin due to their coarseness. So, the skin is somewhat left a little un-nourished.

How to Moisturize Beard Skin?


Creams are made from a slightly lighter formula as compared to the moisturizers. But creams do fade away after few hours due to their light texture. They work well in the task of nourishment as they penetrate the epidermis (uppermost layer of the skin).


There are transparent creams that little or not at all penetrate deeply into your skin. They are made from a jelly-like structure, such as cellulose. They are recommended for mere massaging. Due to their anti-penetrating properties, they are not as much liked by the customers.


How can you forget sunscreen while stepping outside your house in high ultraviolet index levels? It is strongly suggested by dermatologists to never skip this step after moisturizing your face. They help in reflecting the harmful Sun radiations from reaching your face and prevent the formation of cancerous cells in your skin.

How to choose the best moisturizer for your beard skin?

There is a variety of moisturizers, creams, and gels prevailing in the market. You have first to determine your skin type and then go for shop one for you. If you have dry skin, then you should opt for a little greasier and a thicker moisturizer. But if you have oily skin, then this would be not the right choice for you. In the case of oily skin, it is suggested to avoid thick and greasy creams and go for lightly textured moisturizers. Although they stay for a little time on your skin, they will not cause your sebaceous glands to produce more oil and will keep your skin oil-free and fresh.

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